Causes burning sensation in the heart

The first appearance of a burning sensation behind the breastbone should consult a specialist to identify the specific cause the ailment - because this symptom can indicate a serious heart disease.In addition, similarly, can manifest disease of the peripheral nervous system, spine, digestive tract and stress conditions.Also, a burning sensation in the heart region characterized by conditions such as menopause and vascular dystonia.

Quickly remove the burning sensation caused by nervous stress, you can use sedatives.

Burning in the heart is a characteristic feature of angina.In this case, it is localized behind the breastbone, it is vague and often gives a blade or in the left arm.Stenokardicheskie bu
rning usually occurs as a result of physical exertion and terminates in a relaxed state of the body.When vegetative-vascular dystonia begins burning the left side of the chest and does not calm down even after receiving "valokordin", "Validol" or "Nitroglycerin".

What medications clean burning

If a burning sensation is caused by angina, it will help ease the tablet "Nitroglycerin" laid under the tongue.If after five minutes the drug does not work, should take another pill, and if the effect is again equal to zero, it is advisable to think about calling an ambulance.Burning in the region of the heart, caused by vascular dystonia, can be removed with a mustard plaster, lying on the left side of the chest, as well as sedatives.

intensity and duration of an attack of a burning sensation, which is not facilitated any medicines, may be a sign of developing myocardial infarction.

Often people suffering from shortness of breath and a burning sensation in the chest caused by age or neurological problems are cured with the help of a prescription of traditional medicine.Thus, for the preparation of medicines need ten lemons per liter of honey and ten heads of garlic.Lemons have to squeeze and heads of garlic peel and grind in a meat grinder.Lemon juice, garlic and honey mass is mixed in a glass jar, sealed and left so for a week in the fridge.Preparation of medicines should be consumed daily, four teaspoons a day, for two months.Every reception should be a single, missing it is not recommended.