Instructions for Use "hexicon»

«Hexicon" is produced in the form of suppositories for intravaginal use.The drug is indicated for the treatment of infections caused by chlamydia, gonococcus, treponema, ureaplasmas, trihomanady, as well as for the prevention of these infections.The drug has no effect on a part of the normal vaginal microflora of lactobacilli.Viruses, fungi, acid-resistant species of bacteria, bacterial spores are resistant to "hexicon.The tool has spermicidal activity, it is able to act on sperm, disrupting the permeability of cells, however candle "Hexicon" may be used as a contraceptive.The drug can be used as a means of preventive treatment before surgery in the pelvis (including abortion, diathermocoagulation cervix, intrauterine device)."Hexicon" is also given to pregnant women before delivery as prevention of gen
ital infections.

Candles "Hexicon" should be inserted deep into the vagina once or twice a day for one piece.Duration of treatment - seven to ten days.According to the testimony of the course of therapy can be extended for up to 20 days.For the prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted candle "Hexicon" must be entered no later than two hours after unprotected sex.In order to prevent unwanted pregnancies candles administered five minutes before sex.Despite the fact that the means operates for four hours, with repeated intercourse need to use a new candle.To improve the spermicidal effect it is recommended to use candles "Hexicon" with intrauterine device or vaginal diaphragm.After intercourse, douching is not recommended, soapy water.

«Hexicon": side effects and contraindications

«Hexicon" can cause genital itching after treatment.This symptom disappears after discontinuation of the drug."Hexicon" is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components.You can not use the drug at the same time with the means of intimate hygiene, which includes the anionic group substances - sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, saponins.

agent is used with caution in children, in this case, use "Hexicon D" (8 mg).Allowed to use the drug in pregnant and lactating women, as it is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream.Toilet external genitalia does not affect the tolerability and efficacy of candles "Hexicon."Active ingredient is reduced if blood is present in the vagina or pus."Hexicon" sold in pharmacies without a prescription.