you need
  • - «Mefenat";
  • - «Dioksizol-Darnitsa";
  • - «Levosin";
  • - «olazol";
  • - «Aktovegin";
  • - «Algofin";
  • - «Sudocrem";
  • - «Bepanten plus";
  • - «Pantenol";
  • - «streptocidal";
  • - «gentamicin";
  • - «Miramistin";
  • - «Pantestin";
  • - «Streptonitol";
  • - «Methyluracil";
  • - «Gentaksan";
  • - «Vundehil";
  • - «Titriol";
  • - «Levosin";
  • - «Levomekol";
  • - «Argosulfan";
  • - «Dermazin";
  • - «Lifeguard."
to self-medicate and use the ointment can only be a small area of ​​damage to the skin.When first-degree burns there is a slight swelling and redness.With second-degree burns the skin blisters.When the third degree occurs necrosis.A fourth degree of charring during tissue injury, muscles, tendons and bones.Apply the ointment for burns efficiently only
when the first and second degree.In other cases, you should immediately contact the Department of Traumatology and call the ambulance.
to numb the burn and prevent inflammation, use the ointment "Mefenat."Regeneration of affected areas will be significantly faster when medical ointment applied for several days.
no less effective analgesic effect has ointment "Dioksizol-Darnitsa".When using a therapeutic agent immediately after the burn you will be able to prevent blisters and inflammation.
on superficial first degree burns, apply ointment "Levosin" or use an aerosol "olazol."The drug has analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect.
wound healing drug "Aktovegin", which comes in the form of a cream, ointment and gel helps prevent inflammation, will have an anesthetic effect and would contribute to the rapid regeneration of skin cells.Within 5 days the gel is better to use, then for 7 days cream, and in step the complete healing ointment.
preparations based on extracts of vegetable origin have wound healing and antimicrobial action.When first-degree burns, apply the cream on the affected area "Algofin", "Sudocrem", "Bepanten plus" or "Panthenol".
When festering burn wounds on prescription use antimicrobial ointment "Liniment sintomitsina", "streptocidal", "gentamicin".Accelerate healing and improve the outflow of pus help ointment "Miramistin", "Pantestin", "Streptonitol", "Methyluracil."
help heal burns Deep Powder "Gentaksan" ointment "Vundehil."In addition, often prescribed "Titriol" "Levosin" "Levomekol".