heating to 40 degrees glass of boiled water and add a little baking soda.This solution composition and the principle of action reminiscent of alkaline mineral water.Its efficacy in the treatment of colds has long been recognized by doctors.Immediately after the procedure in patients with phlegm starts to move away, making it easier for disease and approaches to recovery.For the treatment to pour solution into the inhaler, and in his absence to heat the liquid and breathe the warm steam over the pot.
Pour cup of boiling water a tablespoon of dried eucalyptus leaves.Steep of about 20 minutes, then to add 4 drops of menthol oil and iodine. Inhalation using this solution as well help with bronchitis.
Brew in a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of dried herbs chamomile, the same series and a few leaves of black currant.Insist them for an hour.Then, a little warm up the infusion in the kettle, and putting his nose cardboard funnel, breathe the warm steam.The temperature of the liquid must not exceed 40 degrees, otherwise you may get burned.This solution relieve inflammation and help with dry cough.
Prepare solution for inhalation with the addition of a drug prescribed by a doctor.To do this, you need saline solution , which is used as a basis for the preparation of almost any inhalation solution well.It can be purchased at a pharmacy or make your own, mix in a liter of water 9 g of salt.The drug is in the recommended dosage is diluted in a solution nat e and is poured into the inhaler.