you need
  • - boiled water;
  • - capacity;
  • - manganese;
  • - whisk;
  • - cotton swabs.
To begin, pour in a little container of boiling water, which had previously been necessary to cool to room temperature.For standard processing method using cotton wool discs or a lot of water is required.The volume should be no more than one liter.Remember that water should not be hot, to avoid harm to the skin (especially when it comes to childhood).
in a bowl with water sprinkle a few grains of manganese, who scored better than the tip of a knife, so as not to "overdo it."Hands manganese better not to take to the skin did not remain colored spots.It is important to remember that you can not avoid getting this medication on cloth
ing for the same reason.Stir the grains in water.Permanganic acid should dissolve completely, as otherwise they can burn.To ensure a rapid achievement of a homogeneous solution, you can use the usual whisk.When the procedure is complete, you can add the right amount of water.
concentration of the final solution is best determined on the eyes, but with caution and carefully evaluate the resulting color of potassium permanganate.It is important that the solution has a light pink color.However, if the solution is diluted too much, then the desired effect in the processing of lesions will not be reached, and the solution will simply not effective.Therefore, if we see immediately that is too light and the light color, you will need to add a few grains of manganese and again mix well and follow the hue of the resulting solution.
When preparing manganese is completely finished, take a piece of fleece or use a cotton pad and carefully treat all places of rashes.The process is time consuming and requires a lot of time.Children, especially at a younger age, unfortunately, do not have such a huge patience to safely allow for 20-30 minutes to process each pimple.Use the bathroom.Bring the solution concentration in the bath to the desired color and put in her child.The main thing is not to delay the process of the baths, as it is important to treat the inflammation and only allow them to dry, not to soak them;
After acceptance baths with potassium permanganate solution, in any case can not wipe body with a towel, it is important only slightly wet to prevent water from dripping.Then you need to give yourself the affected areas to dry thoroughly, which will dry the inflammation and speed up the healing process.