Massage.The most effective and efficient method.Prepare a composition: 100 g of castor oil, add 20 drops of propolis tincture pharmacy.Shake (and further shake before each use).Moisten your fingers and rub the composition in withers circular motion (clockwise).The duration of the massage depends on your patience, diligence and effort.If possible, massage the problem areas several times a day, then soon become softer seal, and soon completely resolve.
castor-propolis composition can be alternated with heparin and tro
ksevazinovoy ointment mixed in a ratio of 1: 1.Both ointments activate blood circulation and, as a rule, violation of blood flow often is the cause of the withers.
a very effective massage: Mix a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of vodka or alcohol.Apply the mixture on withers and smooth circular movements knead seal.Be patient and do not strain too much, otherwise you will not have the strength to wait for the effect, which is the appearance of white flakes in place of rubbing.At this point, you can feel the pain (not very strong).Do massage with honey and vodka a day.Contraindications: intolerance of components.
After sessions of self-massage is desirable to cover the neck, a warm scarf or a blanket and do not shoot for half an hour.
Gymnastics.If the parallel with the massage you will do some simple exercise, the expected results will come faster.All the exercises is to tilt, swivel and rotation of the head.Randomly in sitting or standing tilt your head forward / backward, left / right, perform a circular motion, first in one direction and then in another direction.Attention!Do the exercise at a slow pace with a small amplitude.You should not feel pain and should not hear a loud crunch (perhaps, a little bit).Gradually the muscles and vertebrae to develop and get used to the stress, then you can increase the time and gymnastics, and range of motion.
packs.Mix 3 tbsp.tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 egg, one-third cup of turpentine and the same 6-percent vinegar.Whisk into a homogeneous mass.Daily Apply the mixture on healing withers , cover with cellophane and a warm scarf and leave for 15-20 minutes (may feel a slight burning sensation and rush of heat).Repeat the procedure 3-5 days at low withers, not more than 10 days in advanced.
Applicators.It helps to get rid of the withers applicator Kuznetsova.The larger effect will Lyapko applicator, consisting of small needles of various metals and having a small step that provides virtually painless application.Using applicator, do not expect instant results, they will come a month later, but the effect will be long.