Back pain can arise for a variety of reasons.Among them - the trauma, changes in ligaments, muscle spasm.But more often the problem is in the spine.Moreover, we are accustomed to deduct arose pain on low back pain, and the most common disease that causes pain - it spondylarthrosis, a disease that destroys the cartilage in the joints of the spine.

Spondylarthrosis can occur in any part of the back, but the most vulnerable - is back.Even if we do not make any movement, the load on the lumbar higher than, say, in the neck.If we make steps, the load multiplied.

osteochondrosis can also be an agent provocateur of back pain, but it happens rarely.The situation may worsen intervertebral hernia.However, the examination often turns out that the causes of the pain somewhat.One patient could be the

owner and spondylarthrosis and osteoarthritis, and vertebral hernia, and muscle spasms.For this reason, doctors insist on comprehensive treatment.

first task in the event of any pain - is its reduction.To do this, use drugs that eliminate muscle spasm - muscle relaxants, and even non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).However, these drugs only relieve the symptoms but do not cure the disease itself, and then the pain may come back again, and the main disease will progress.Also, these drugs are many contraindications, but because they can only receive a minimal dose, and only in the acute phase.

solve the problem with the spine to help agents from the group chondroprotectors.They inhibit the breakdown of cartilage, restore it, saturated with moisture and help to keep it.And these medications within a few weeks after the start of showing analgesic effect, eliminating the NSAIDs, besides, they have virtually no side effects.

long period of time, doctors believed that with back pain need to comply with bed rest.Now this approach is recognized not only ineffective, but also dangerous.Bed rest can last a maximum of a couple of days, then must return to the same activity.Otherwise relaxed supine muscles weaken, and when returning to the vertical position of the load on the spine increased more than before the illness.

Special gymnastics is mandatory in the treatment of back pain.Doctor will prescribe exercises in each case.Do not forget the back after treatment ends.It would be nice to join the pool, and if this is not possible, then walking will become useful exercise to strengthen the back.