How to take "Vikair»

«Vikair" is produced in the form of tablets.The preparation includes: nitart bismuth gibrokarbonat sodium, magnesium carbonate, buckthorn bark, korenevischa Calamus.Sodium bicarbonate is an antacid that is rapidly absorbed, but its therapeutic action short.Magnesium carbonate also reduces gastric acidity, but has a prolonged effect.

magnesium ions increase the osmotic pressure in the intestine, increase the volume of its contents, promote the release of stool.Bismuth salts create a protective film on the inner surface of the gastro-intestinal tract, cause the death of the pathogenic bacteria.Rhizome help reduce spasms, reduce pain symptoms.Buckthorn bark improves the intestinal peristalsis.

«Vikair" used to treat stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, as
well as for the treatment of duodenitis, gastritis hyperacid (high acidity) with a tendency to constipation.The drug must be taken 1-1.5 hours after a meal, 1-2 tab.3 times a day.The tablets washed down with ¼ cup of warm water.They can be pre-crushed and dissolved in a specified amount of liquid.

The duration of the "Vikair" depends on the severity of the disease and may last up to 2 months.If necessary, treatment can be repeated."Vikair" reduces the absorption of drugs, tetracyclines.When concomitantly with other drugs, which include bismuth, in the blood increases the concentration of the substance.

«Vikair": side effects, contraindications

«Vikair" provides the following side effects: diarrhea, nausea, itching of the skin.During the period of administration of the drug cal it turns black.Prolonged use of high doses of bismuth may accumulate in the CNS and cause encephalopathy.In overdose symptoms of kidney failure.As treatment do gastric lavage, "Activated Carbon", hemodialysis.

hypoacid drug is contraindicated in gastritis with low acidity, chronic appendicitis, chronic renal failure, pregnancy and lactation, in children, hypersensitivity to the components.The tool is not used in patients with peptic ulcer disease, accompanied by cholecystitis, enterocolitis, and patients with a tendency to bleed.

«Vikair" available without a prescription.The drug is stored in a dry, dark place, away from children.Shelf-life vehicles - 5 years.The analog of the drug is "Vikalin."