First of all, it should be understood that the tea itself has no effect if there are unlimited quantities of sweets, flour and other high-calorie foods.In addition, it is desirable to maintain an active lifestyle.Tea can be attributed to the funds only facilitates the process of losing weight.It is a diuretic and laxative effects, and the herbs included in its composition, can blunt the feeling of hunger.Therefore, you must begin by changing their lifestyle and only then turn to the help of tea for weight loss.
basis slimming teas make grass has a diuretic effect.Widespread drugs with hawthorn, chrysanthemum flowers, elsholtsiey, hay, mint, devyasilom, nettle, f
ennel and chamomile.All these plants are also known for its laxative properties, accelerating the process of withdrawal of fluid from the body.
There are teas that contain herbs that promote the improvement of the body and normalize the digestive tract.It rids the body of toxins, bringing their urine.These preparations should preferably be taken only after consulting a doctor.Properties, promotes weight loss, some varieties have a usual tea.For example, green tea speeds up metabolism, ginger - stimulates metabolism.These drinks are good for you, and have almost no contraindications.
Some teas are able to burn fat cells that due to the diuretic effect appear in the urine.That is why the weight loss is necessary to drink plenty of fluids.
Similar drinks advisable to drink about 10-15 minutes before eating.Through a calming effect, this drink will be useful before bedtime.Start drinking tea to be careful with 2-3 cups per day, while listening to their feelings.Due to the content of natural caffeine, most often there is a feeling of cheerfulness.After a few days you can gradually increase the amount consumed beverage per day, which is for each individual, but it should not exceed 8-10 cups.Drinking tea to lose weight you need to be happy and preferably not on an empty stomach.
During the reception of tea for weight loss is necessary to comply with the measure.Long-term use of diuretic drugs could face dehydration, electrolyte imbalance.In addition, with the toxins is easy to lose the substance important for normal functioning of the human body.For example, abuse of diuretics often results in a significant reduction in the level of potassium in the blood, the lack of which causes muscle weakness and impaired renal function.
Another problem caused by drinking herbal tea, is there is a dependence - both psychological and physical.Often, people take a long time these teas are not able to give them, becausebody to wean yourself display all waste products.