Tablets "Rovamycinum" is used in the treatment of infectious diseases of upper respiratory tract, lower respiratory tract infections, skin and soft tissues, bones, joints and reproductive system.The tool can be used for the prevention of bacterial meningitis caused by meningococcal infection, in cases where use is contraindicated rifampicin and relapse prevention of articular rheumatism patients allergic to penicillin antibiotics.Also, "Rovamycinum" is prescribed for the treatment of toxoplasmosis, including during pregnancy.Solution for intravenous use in infectious and allergic asthma, pneumonia and acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis.
dose pills "Rovamycinum" for adults is 2-3 tablets containing the ac
tive ingredient 3 million. IU or 4-6 tablets, which include 1.5 million. IU spiramycin.They need to be taken for 2-3 hours during the day.The maximum daily dose "Rovamycinum" ingestion of 9 million. IU.The daily dose for children weighing 20 kg is 150-300 thousand. IU per 1 kg of body weight.It also should be divided into 2-3 doses.The maximum tolerable daily intake "Rovamycinum" in the treatment of children is 300 thousand. IU per 1 kg of body weight.Tablets in which structure contains 3 million. IU of active substance is not used to treat children.
When prevention of bacterial meningitis adult patients administered 3 million. ME "Rovamycinum" 2 times a day for 5 days.The dose for children if there is similar evidence of 75 thousand. IU 2 times a day with the same duration of the course of treatment.
solution for intravenous administration is used only for the treatment of adult patients.To cook the contents of the vial are dissolved in water for injection of 4 ml.The solution should be administered by slow infusion: intravenous infusion over 1 hour with at least 100 ml of five percent dextrose or glucose solution.The diluted solution can be stored at room temperature for more than 12 hours.
recommended instructions to "Rovamycinum" dose intravenous administration of 1.5 million. IU every 8 hours.In severe disease the dose can be doubled.The duration of intravenous administration depends on the severity of disease and the sensitivity of the pathogen to spiramycin.If signs of improvement of the patient is transferred to the reception tablet form "Rovamycinum."