«Enalapril" is indicated for hypertension (high blood pressure).The drug is effective in treating heart failure, ischemia, bronchospastic conditions.Substances contained enalaprilat is the base in the treatment of hypertensive crises.The drug is a list of some of the most important means approved by the WHO (World Health Organization).The drug has also shown to be effective in the treatment of microalbuminuria, which is associated with diabetes and occurs in patients with age over 65 years.

The drug

«Enalapril" designate the interior of 2.5-5 mg 1 time a day.If insufficient amount of medication given dose may be increased up to 10-20 mg per day for 2 doses.When administered intravenously, the solution was 1.25 mg assigned.The injections are carried out in the hospi
tal every 6 hours.The duration of the medication depends on the neglect of the disease and the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy to treat the disease.When excessive blood pressure lowering dose is gradually reduced to a value optimal for the current condition of the patient.The drug can also be used with other drugs against hypertension.

Side effects and contraindications

Prolonged treatment may cause dizziness, headache, hypotension, nausea, diarrhea.You may also experience muscle cramps, skin rash, and angioedema."Enalapril" is contraindicated in pregnancy because of the bad effects on the fetus.You also can not take the medicine while breastfeeding.

There is also a risk of a sudden drop in blood pressure in patients with decreased volume of circulating blood.Patients who have heart failure, coronary heart disease and vascular disease of the brain, you need immediate medical observation because of the potential fall in blood pressure that can lead to heart attack, stroke and kidney malfunction.

When drug overdose observed hypotension, myocardial infarction, circulatory disorders in the brain.Before using the drug it is necessary consultation with a doctor and pass a detailed medical examination.

first time after starting the medication, you must be careful when driving and employment activities that require high concentration and speed of reaction.