«Klayra" not only has a contraceptive effect, but also helps to reduce the symptoms of PMS, painful symptoms during menstruation, reduces the intensity and duration of menstruation.The drug reduces the risk of benign tumors in the mammary glands, infectious and inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, reduces the likelihood of ovarian cysts, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer.Before you start taking "Klayra" after a miscarriage, childbirth, abortion, and during lactation, consult your doctor.
starts receiving "Klayra" in the first day of menstruation.Take one tablet preparation according to 1 times a day, preferably at the same time.If this were applied to other oral contraceptives, the transition must
take place without interruption.If once a pill was missed, take it as soon as you remember about it.Do not take in one day more than 2 active tablets to make up for missed.In that case, if a pill is missing white, do not need to drink it later.Use barrier methods of contraception are not required.
If the delay between the reception of funds was less than 12 hours, its contraceptive effect is maintained.If the tablet has not been adopted within the 12 hours, the following steps will depend on the date of the monthly cycle, which was passed reception.When Missed in 1-9 day requires consultation gynecologist.The 10-17 day take the missed pill, the next 9 days, use a barrier method of contraception.The 18-24 day: do not take the forgotten pill and start the course with the first pill of a new packaging and prevents using other methods of contraception for the next 9 days.At 25-26 day: take the missed tablet, additional contraceptive is not necessary.
27-28 Day: do not take the forgotten pill, additional contraception is needed.If vomiting after administration appeared, proceed according to the scheme described above, since it is equivalent to pass medication.Use of funds may be discontinued at any time.If the reason for refusal of contraceptives is planned pregnancy before conception is recommended to wait for the beginning of next month to simplify the determination of the expected birth date.
«Klayra" may cause the following side effects: varicose veins, changes in blood pressure, swelling of the lymph nodes, the tides, gastralgia, vomiting, nausea, violation of the chair, increasing the amount of liver enzymes, acne or skin rash, change in body weight allergic reaction.The drug can also trigger the appearance of migraine, anxiety, irritability, depression, lowering the concentration.During the period of use of the funds can be observed and other negative symptoms: prolonged absence of menstruation, intermenstrual bleeding, painful periods, pain in the abdomen or in the mammary glands, breast enlargement, breast, ovarian cysts, vaginal dryness.