Product description

«Humor» ustranayaet puffiness and helps to remove the contents of the nasal passages.Due to its composition, the drug was well moisturizes the mucosa and helps maintain its normal healthy state.Drops "Humer Monodose" can be applied to newborns, spray - children older than 1 month.In both forms of wear special attachment that allows you to spray the medication for the required period of time.

Instructions for use

When you use for children under 2 years of the child should be put to one side, gently put the tip into the nostril, and injecting the drug for 2-3 seconds.After that, the child should be turned to the other side and repeat the procedure.The drug must be administered in the upper nasal passage when a child is lying on his right side, the drug should b
e made in the left nostril, and vice versa.

After using the tools you need to hold the child's right to free fluid can get out of the nose.The resulting allocation should be removed with a napkin.Parents need to pay attention that the drug should not be administered when the child's head is thrown back, as in this case, the drug gets into the throat.

children who can sit up unaided, the drug should be administered, tilting her head to one side.The procedure is similar: the drug is injected into the upper nostril.After using the funds also need to keep your head straight, removing the liquid flowing from the nose with a handkerchief.

use drops or spray, "Humer" for children as a preventive measure should be 1-3 times a day.In the period of acute epidemics frequency of use means you can increase up to 6 times a day.Hold the nose cleansing is recommended before meals.The tip after each use should be washed with warm soapy water.

Reviews and efficiency

According to reviews, the spray droplets "Humer" are an effective means for the prevention and treatment of colds and runny nose in children.Isotonic sea water moisturizes nasal mucosa, helps to remove crusts and thins the thick contents of the sinuses, which makes it easier to breath.

«Humer" does not cause irritation.The drug is part of a natural and contains no artificial chemical ingredients, which is an important factor when choosing children's products.In addition, the tool does not contain a vasoconstrictor components, and therefore does not cause addiction.The tip of the cylinder has a safety collar, which makes use of the product convenient and secure.