main indications for purpose "shpy" Pregnancy is hypertonicity of the uterus, headaches.Usually this medication is used only in the first trimester, the second and third trimesters used other drugs.In the last stages of "no-silos" can assign when an immature cervix before birth, as well as for pain relief during labor.Clinical studies have shown that the drug has no negative effects on the fetus.However, there is information that supposedly there is a connection between taking "shpy" during pregnancy and developmental delay a child's vocal apparatus, so in Europe, this drug is prohibited for use in pregnant women.
«no-silos" should be taken with caution, in extreme cases and only on prescription.Indications for use are the typical symptoms of uterine hypertonus - nag
ging pain in the lower abdomen.Dosage "shpy" may be 40-80 mg up to three times a day.A good therapeutic effect is the combination of the drug with valerian and papaverine.The exact amount and duration of administration of the drug should be determined by the physician.In appointing the estimated benefits of the reception and the potential risk of this drug.
In preparation for childbirth, in order to accelerate the opening of the cervix is ​​prescribed injections "No-Spa", the drug is administered intravenously or intramuscularly.Application of a means as an injection allows for more rapid therapeutic action.Preparai intravenously administered with a dropper at a dosage of not more than two ampoules per day with the addition of saline, therapeutic effect after two to four minutes.During childbirth "Nospanum" administered intramuscularly at a dose of 80 mg at intervals of no less than two hours.
«No-spa" can cause fever, palpitations, sweating, dizziness, low blood pressure, allergies.Intravenous drug use can cause arrhythmia, respiratory depression, collapse.To prevent the development of such conditions in patients with a reduced pressure during the procedure need to be in a supine position."No-spa" is contraindicated in severe liver, heart failure, increased sensitivity to the agent.The tablets of the drug can not be taken in congenital galactose intolerance, galactose malabsorption syndrome, glucose, lactase deficiency.