Ā«Canison": indications for use

indications for use "Canison" in gynecological practice is vulvitis, vulvovaginitis candidiasis origin;dysbiosis vagina before delivery.Suitable "Canison" with fungal infections of the skin and mucous membranes, as well as for preventive rehabilitation of the birth canal before the birth.

Diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, where effective "Canison": tinea;trichophytosis;erythrasma;multicolored shingles;chromophytosis;ringworm;candidiasis;microsporia;athlete;mycotic stomatitis;Fungal paronychia;interdigital erosion caused by the fungus;complicated forms of fungal infections;balanitis and balanoposthitis.

Contraindications to receive

Do not use this drug if allergic reactions;in the first trimester of pregnancy;breast-feeding;menstruation (for vaginal forms).

Possible side effects of the treat
ment "Canison": allergic skin reactions (itching, irritation, peeling, swelling, paresthesias, blisters, blisters, hives);general reactions: headache, frequent urination, nausea, stomach pain;the intravaginal use of possible itching, burning, swelling, mucous discharge from the genital tract, pain during intercourse.

Instructions for Use "CanisonĀ»

drug is available in the following forms: for vaginal application (cream, tablet);for topical use (cream, ointment, powder, solution).

outer forms (cream, ointment, solution) is gently applied to the affected skin with a thin layer and rubbed gently 2-3 times a day.Single doses: Cream - "bar" 5 cm, for a solution - 10-20 drops.Duration of treatment is typically less than 4 weeks.Vaginal

forms (cream, gel, tablets) "Canison" enter deeply into the vagina to 5 g or 1 tablet once daily for 3 days (preferably overnight).

Upon detection of fungal infections of the genital tract require treatment of both partners.When applied to the mucous can not impose occlusive dressings.Avoid getting "Canison" the mucous membrane of the eye.In the treatment during pregnancy is not desirable to apply the patch.In renal and liver failure need to monitor the functioning of the kidneys and liver.