anthelmintic drugs - this is not the kind of pharmacological agents, the purchase of which there is no sense of shame or discomfort.Therefore it is necessary to examine in advance a list of the most popular and effective means.Even before going to the doctor with this problem is to know in advance what you can heal.After all prescription remedy may simply not be suitable for you.Best of all, if you know in advance on what drug you may have an allergy.And, unfortunately, very often the doctor prescribed medication that is beneficial to register, at an inflated price, and the effect of them do not always live up to expectations.

What are anthelmintic drugs

anthelmintic drugs differ in form release.This may be tablets, capsules, suspensions, powders (dry slurry).The form of prep
aration it is practically independent action.All anthelmintic drugs are low-dose chemical agent, which after receiving the parasites die.But gut bacteria, on the contrary, are in the same composition.Do not be afraid to take so-called preventive medications.They are not poison, and their use for the body disproportionately higher harm.But also to get involved in the reception is not: remember that no one taking any medications does not pass without consequences.

How to protect yourself from worms

If you are with the family and the animals go in the summer to the country, the question of how to protect themselves from worms is very serious.And if animals are anthelmintic drugs on schedule and this is no problem, how to protect yourself?The basic rules are always clean hands and utensils are familiar to all.But the eggs of worms are free to get your barbecue, you can eat them, tearing the fruits and vegetables directly from the branches, etc.

Reception prophylactic agent is required in such circumstances.Also it is necessary to take with pumpkin seeds - they do not carry the worms.So the whole family can use them on a daily basis.Also, natural preventive medicines have proven themselves flax seeds, decoction of wormwood and tansy.And to them you will not have habituation and in the case of infection with worms you will not get used to any medicines.In addition, constant irrational receiving anthelmintics can have very serious consequences for the whole organism.