Cream and Ointment "Elokim" should be applied to the affected skin with a thin layer 1 per day.Lotion is applied as follows: several drops applied to the affected area and gentle rubbing movements until it disappears completely from the skin.During the application to avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.The duration of treatment depends on the effectiveness and tolerability of the drug.Children need to prescribe the minimum dose and duration of treatment needed to obtain a therapeutic effect, as prolonged use of glucocorticoid agents in children can lead to violations of their growth and development.
When using "Elokoma" large areas of the skin for a long period of time, esp
ecially when using occlusive dressings may develop systemic glucocorticosteroid effects of the drug.Therefore, patients who undergo a long treatment "Elokomom" must be observed by a doctor.Please note that the sudden elimination of the drug after prolonged treatment can cause rebound syndrome, which manifests itself in the form of a strong burning sensation and redness.In this connection, the abolition of "Elokoma" after prolonged therapy should be gradual.This may apply intermittent treatment regimen, in which application of the drug produced intermittently.
«Elokim" is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components, pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as in the treatment of children younger than 2 years.In addition, the drug is not prescribed for a patient perioral dermatitis, rosacea, tuberculosis, bacterial, viral or fungal infections of the skin, post-vaccination reactions and syphilis.The drug should be carefully applied on the skin and under occlusive dressings, and also be used on large areas of the skin or over an extended period of time, especially in the treatment of children.
As indicated in the instructions, "Elokim" can cause side effects, manifested in the form of dryness and skin irritation, itching, burning, acne, folliculitis, hypopigmentation, hypertrichosis, stretch marks, prickly heat, skin maceration,allergic contact dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, skin atrophy and signs.Also in the days of a 'Elokoma "possible accession of secondary infection.Approximately 1% of the drug on the skin provokes the formation of papules and pustules.