«Concor" is prescribed for hypertension, chronic heart failure, stable angina.The drug blocks the cardiac β1-adrenergic receptors reduces the activity sympathoadrenal.A single administration leads to a decrease in heart rate, stroke volume, ejection fraction and a decrease in a reduction of myocardial oxygen demand.Long-term use of the drug reduces the total peripheral vascular resistance increased.
Take "Concor" 1 times a day (in the morning) with water.When hypertension and angina begins to receive a dose of 5 mg, according to testimony it can be increased up to 10 mg.The maximum daily amount - 20 mg.Before the treatment of chronic heart failure is performed a special titration phase."Concor" prescribed only in the diagnosis of chronic stable disease without relapse.In the initial stages of treatment, take 1.2
5 mg 1 time a day.Increase the dose only at normal tolerance of the previous dose.
Gradually increase the daily dose every 2 weeks to 2.5, 3.75, 5, 7.5 and 10 mg.If manifested intolerance, reduce the dose.The maximum permitted daily quantity of drugs in chronic heart failure - 10 mg."Concor" usually takes a long time.The greatest therapeutic effect was observed after 3-4 h. After application, the action of the drug is maintained for a day.The maximum decrease in pressure is observed after 14 days after the beginning of reception.
«Concor" is contraindicated in children under 18 years, with acute heart failure, dekompensirovannnoy chronic heart failure, cardiogenic shock, sinoartrialnoy blockade, sick sinus node, AV-blockade of the 2nd and 3rd degree,marked reduction in pressure, bradycardia, asthma severe, arterial disease of the peripheral circulation, in pheochromocytoma, Raynaud's disease, metabolic acidosis, hypersensitivity.
Side-effects "Concor" are: bradycardia, exacerbation of congestive heart failure, the emergence of feelings of cold and numbness in the limbs, low blood pressure, dizziness, headache, orthostatic hypotension, conduction disturbances AV, loss of consciousness,insomnia, depression, hallucinations, conjunctivitis, lacrimation decrease, hearing impairment.