Grippferon significantly reduces the risk of infection in the peak of the epidemic, as well as in contact with numerous children's groups.This refers to kindergartens and schools.A child who is in the event of signs of the disease took Grippferon, thereby reducing the amount of virus in your own body.This will reduce the number of children who may get infected from him.In addition, the drug avoids complications bronchitis, tracheitis and pneumonia.

Dosing Grippferon

As for the newborn, the child should receive a day from 3 to 5 drops Grippferon (in each nostril).After instillation is recommended to massage the baby's nostrils for one minute.This helps to better assimilate the drug.

drug is available in the form of rectal candles.They must be administered into the rectum children every twelve hours for 5

Safety while taking the drug

It should be noted that some kids may be a manifestation of allergy to the basic components Grippferon.Its first symptoms are a burning sensation in the nose, skin rashes and itching.If any are found taking the drug immediately terminated.In this case, a pediatrician with alternatives from commercially available drugs.

Grippferon main ingredient is interferon - a human protein, the effect of which is aimed at suppressing the virus.Among other substances can list numerous solvents, stabilizing base.

Grippferon no contraindications, except for individual intolerance, and adverse events.Recommended very gently to combine reception Grippferon other means.For example, vasoconstrictors together with them will lead to drying of the nasal mucosa.Antipyretic same perfectly with Grippferon.

emergency treatment when flowing SARS or flu should last 5-7 days.As a means of preventing the reception Grippferon prescribed in points epidemics of colds healthy children within 3-5 days.Moreover, the reduction of this period can lead to a significant reduction in the effectiveness of the drug, and contributes to the accumulation of excessive increase of interferon in the body of the child, that is not considered normal.To avoid such situations pediatricians recommend that periodically interrupt the course of treatment and prevention.