epidemiologists recent decades, argue that "lifelong" vaccinationsIt is that over time the resistance of the immune system is reduced, and therefore have re-infection, such as chickenpox.Accordingly, the body need to force resistance, which is achieved through vaccination.If you want to instill in a child under 14 years, consult your primary care pediatrician, who will issue a direction if an adult - to the therapist, but better - immunologist, virologist.
in the System of Health vaccinated against chickenpox has been included in the list of mandatory childhood vaccinations.At present in Russia since 2009 successfully used the vaccine "Variliks", which was developed by the Russian infectious disease doctors.Clinical trials of the vaccine have shown that it meets all the re
quirements of the WHO (World Health Organization).
among Vaccinate: All children up to two years, children older than two years old, who go on a summer vacation in a place where there is a large crowd of children.Up to two years, babies are not vaccinated, because they have developed enough immunity that they received during fetal development and maternal breast feeding.
One vaccination in a single dose makes the age of 2 years to 13 years.For those over 13 years of doing two vaccinations of one dose with a break of ten days.The vaccine is administered subcutaneously in forearm.
Varicella zoster virus is very hardy and adaptable to any conditions for survival.Therefore, a person who had been ill with chickenpox, can remain in the body the virus of the disease, and can manifest itself later as the initiator of such diseases as type 1 diabetes.This is the response of the immune system, to introduce into it the chicken pox virus.
vaccine has a number of contraindications for which vaccination is not carried out.For example, if a person is exposed to an infectious disease, or he observed exacerbation of chronic diseases, ie If a person there is an acute immune deficiency, if a person is allergic, and it can be an acute reaction to a component of the vaccine, if a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding.