toenail fungus affects most, but it is quite exposed and fingernails.In the mild form of the disease changes the color of their covers stripes and spots, while in more severe cases, the nail loses its luster begins to thicken and eventually deformed.Subsequently, the nail plate is destroyed at the edges and in the form of running completely atrophied, causing it to be removed.
When nail fungus, doctors often prescribe a combination drug therapy consisting of oral fluconazole and other similar drugs, and the application of the affected nails special outdoor varnish.The composition of antifungal nail usually include potent substances such as amorolfine or ciclopirox - they have a strong antifungal effect and a
re part of the tablets, creams and other means for the treatment of fungal infections.However, the most suitable for this purpose are exactly varnishes - they are easy to apply, dries quickly and permanently fixed to the nail plate.
Before applying an antifungal nail polish, they definitely need to carefully handle using disposable nail file that comes bundled with it.It will remove all the affected areas of the nail plate and give it a little roughness, thanks to which lacquer quickly absorbed into the surface of the nail and will work much more efficiently on a fungal infection.
Then you need to wet the treated nails alcohol soaked swab them, remove the previous layer of an antifungal nail polish and apply a fresh.Using this tool it is advisable, if the nail struck no more than two-thirds - more extensive lesions require removal of the nail, it will be much easier and more efficient.Apply antifungal nail need a day or several times a week to complete disappearance of symptoms of the fungus.However, after this treatment should be extended for a few weeks to prevent possible recurrence.Antifungal varnish is not recommended for children and pregnant and lactating women.