«Chloe» prescribed to women for the treatment of diseases androgenozavisimymh: androgenetic alopecia, mild forms of acne, hirsutism.The drug is also used as a contraceptive in women with a high content of androgens.Take "Chloe" without food 1 time per day, at one and the same time.Start drinking the drug in the first day of the cycle (day 1 month) with tablets yellow-orange color.Once they run out, take placebo tablets white.
After receiving placebo tablets white the next day start drinking yellow-orange pills from another package.Break do not need.Typically, during use, white tablets begins menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding.When switching from other oral contraceptives, reception "Chloe" begins the next day after the last active pill drink a previous preparation.Sometimes it is allowed to use funds to start the d
ay after taking the last white pill placebo previous contraceptive or 7 days after the last active tablet of the previous funds.
the transition to "Chloe" with another hormonal contraceptive during the week additional use barrier methods of contraception.After an abortion, made in the first trimester of pregnancy, begins to receive funds on the day of performing the abortion.After an abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy or childbirth (with the exclusion of breastfeeding) starts receiving after 21-28 days.
Omitting the next yellow-orange tablet take it as soon as you remember about it.If the interval between doses is less than 12:00 effect of "Chloe" is not reduced.If the interval will be more than 12 hours over the next week an additional use of barrier contraception.After skipping the usual time take the next pill.
If the reception of the active tablets were missed more than 12 hours in the third week of the cycle begins the next pack on the day after taking the last yellow-orange pills.Placebo tablets should be taken.In such cases menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding does not appear, however, can be spotting.If within 3-4 hours after ingestion of the active pills vomited, the drug is considered missed and the necessary flow according to the scheme described above.The duration of the "Chloe" is determined by the doctor.For the purpose of the treatment is generally used within 3-4 months.