«Voltaren-emulgel" prescribed for injuries in the joints and tissues.In particular, pereparat used to treat back pain arising from a variety of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the spine - sciatica, osteoarthritis, sciatica, lumbago.Also, this tool is used in inflammation and swelling of the tissues and joints that have arisen as a result of injuries and rheumatic diseases.In chastnostnosti, drug prescribed for the treatment of tenosynovitis, bursitis, and for treatment of tissues surrounding the joint lesions.

In addition, "Voltaren-emulgel" shown at pains in muscles that have arisen as a result of household and sports injuries, bruises, sprain and strain.The drug used in the treatment of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, accompanied by pain in the joints.Including emulg
el used for pain in the knees and joints of the fingers.

How does "Voltaren-emulgel»

The effectiveness of this tool due to its composition and form.The active ingredient is diclofenac emulgelya, which has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces pain and reduces fever.According to the reviews, "Voltaren-emulgel" helps to cope with the effects of sprains, bruises and other injuries in the short term.

quickly penetrate the skin and tissue, and effectively operate the drug is capable of due to its shape - the combination of emulsion and gel.Combining these components allow the drug to act immediately after application to the skin.The gel component contains water and alcohol substances that contribute to the rapid absorption of the drug and provide cooling and light anesthetic effects.

in the emulsion includes fat components.They provide a rapid absorption of the active substance from the skin and its penetration into the deeper layers of tissue.Therefore, diclofenac is able to quickly reach the center of an inflammation and eliminate pain.The product returns mobility of muscles and joints, removes puffiness and neutralize inflammation.

Under the influence of the components "Voltaren-emulgelya" is an active regeneration of cells of the connective tissue of the joints and ligaments.This greatly speeds up the process of removing lesions in the muscles and tendons.Thus, the combination of the composition and mode of action emulgelya allows to obtain an effective result of therapy.