usually takes "Bromhexine" at any time, both before and after meals.Home - 3 times per day.All patients whose age is over 14 years prescribed dosage of 8-16 mg at a time, often in the form of tablets or syrup.In some cases the amount of drug can be increased, but only after the doctor's recommendations and should not exceed 16 mg four times a day.
pediatric use special tablets and syrups which are marked.Babies and infants under 2 years usually administered 2 mg of the drug to children 2 to 6 years dosage was increased to 4 mg, 6 years using 8 mg.Should take as an adu
lt, three times a day, regardless of meals, unless otherwise specified by the attending physician.
When receiving "Bromhexine" for inhalation using a special solution, which is diluted with 1 part of the same 1 part distilled water and heated to room temperature to prevent coughing during the procedure.It is impossible to combine the "Bromhexine" with alkaline solutions because it destroys the properties of the drug.
In cases where the patient can not be given the drug orally, using injection, when appropriate recommendations can be administered intramuscularly, subcutaneously and intravenously - in the latter method, the injection process is gradual and slow, 2-3 minutes.
When receiving "Bromhexine" drops should be remembered that in their composition using ethanol 41% vol., So that the drops are not recommended for small children and persons who are prohibited alcohol in any form.
The drug enhances the effect of antibiotics on the body, which speeds up the healing process.In general, efficacy is achieved at 4-6 day from the beginning of his administration, followed by a significant relief.
In no case can not be combined "Bromhexine" with drugs overwhelmingly acting on the cough center, otherwise liquefied sputum have nowhere to go.When prescribed by a doctor at the same time and antitussive, and expectorant drugs should be sure to find out patterns of use of both drugs.
If a child is scheduled to take "Bromhexine" on any of these schemes, it is recommended to combine treatment with drainage ("rattles") chest compressions to facilitate disposal of sputum.Adults during treatment is better to give up driving and other work requiring increased attention and response as the "Bromhexine" effect on these abilities.