Elixir "Bronhikum" you should drink up to 6 times a day at regular intervals.Infants 1-4 years give 2.5 ml of the preparation 1-3 times to children of 5-12 years - 5 ml of the product to 4 times per day.Adults need to take elixir, 5 ml to 6 times a day.

Drops "Bronhikum" take its own or adding them to the warm tea.Children can be given a means of putting it into sugar.Take this dosage form should be 3-5 times a day.Single dose for adults and adolescents is 20-30 drops.Children 1-6 years should be given 15 drops, 6-14 years - 20 drops of medication intake.

Syrup "" Bronhikum adults should drink 3 times a day for 10 ml.The dosage for children 6-12 is 5 ml, thrice a day.Children 2-6 year
s give 5 ml of syrup 2 times a day, 1-2 years - 2.5 ml 3 times per day.For children of 6-12 months, the dosage is 2, 5 ml.Giving them the medication must be 2 times a day.

Pastilles Cough "Bronhikum" need to dissolve in the mouth until dissolved.Take this dosage form should be 3 times a day for adults - 1-2, children 6-12 years - 1 lozenge for the reception.

course of therapy with "Bronhikum" depends on the severity of the condition.On average, the treatment lasts 10-14 days.Take "Bronhikum" should be after a meal.Dosing the drug can be using a teaspoon: it contains 5 ml of the syrup or elixir.


drug "Bronhikum" has some contraindications.It should not be taken if you are hypersensitive to its member agents.The drug is contraindicated in people with congenital fructose intolerance, glucose-fructose malasborbatsiey, heart failure decompensation.The drug should not be taken with severe impairment of renal or hepatic function.In addition, "Bronhikum" is contraindicated in pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children under 6 months.


the treatment of drug "Bronhikum" can sometimes occur undesirable side effects such as nausea, pain and swelling in the digestive tract.Also, allergic reactions to the drug, including urticaria, rash, swelling of the face, mouth and throat.In the event of such reactions, as well as in case of purulent sputum or fever, you should go to the hospital.

drug "Bronhikum" in any form should not be taken together with antitussives, since the latter impede the free removal of phlegm.In the treatment should take into account that the drug in the form of drops and syrup contains alcohol.