to choose the right products for weight loss, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances: the original weight, eating habits.If there is obesity, then without strong tablets can not do here.These include drugs, and sibutraminsoderzhaschie orlistat.Both categories of drugs a doctor prescribes a specialist after the inspection and analysis of laboratory parameters.
Sibutraminsoderzhaschie drugs can affect the hunger center of man, suppressing his desire to consume large amounts of food.As a result of taking these tablets significantly reduced hunger, faster saturation occurs and the patient gets used to small portions.An example of such tablets can serve as a "Goldline" and "Slim."They must take in the morning on 1 piece.Sibutramine helps the patient to get rid of dozens of extra pad
ding and significantly improve their quality of life.
orlistat - "Xenical" and "Orsoten" doctors prescribe in the event that the patient is prone to excessive consumption of fatty foods, which leads to weight gain.These tablets prevent splitting and absorption of fat in the intestine, its output unchanged.Orlistat has helped many people to get rid of obesity, to rebuild their lives, to start a family.
If you want to get rid of only 5-7 kilograms, it is not necessary to resort to the above-mentioned drugs.You can limit the reception of "Turboslima."In general, pharmacies are a lot of tablets of the firm: for day or evening reception, with alpha-lipoic acid, with the control of appetite.A novelty is the "Turboslim with conjugated linoleic acid", which is more affordable analogue "Reduxine Light".
extraordinary popularity currently enjoyed slimming green coffee, which also began to produce in tablet form.An example is the "Tropicana slim green coffee."If the pills are taken strictly according to instructions and do not spare money for the course in 1-2 months, it is possible to achieve excellent results in weight loss.Besides the "Tropicana" can be taken to buy tablets with microcrystalline cellulose that swells in the stomach and prevents overeating.
Choose drugs for weight loss is easy, but you must first consult with the doctor who will be able to determine not only the degree of obesity, but will give additional guidance on nutrition and physical activity.