Indications "Tsindola»

«Tsindol" is dermotropic means it has a positive effect on skin tissue, reducing the severity of pathological processes.Therapeutic effect "Tsindola" due to the presence in its composition zinc oxide.This substance is astringent, dries, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and absorbent action.Oskid zinc deposited on the skin, forms albuminates (salts of albumin).As a result of decreased excretion of fluids, reduces the severity of inflammation and irritation.

«Tsindol" indicated for the treatment of dermatitis (including allergic, contact, and "nappy"), eczema, pressure sores, diaper rash, cuts, scratches, solar and thermal burns, streptococcal, ulcerative skin lesions (including venous ulcers)herpes sores.The drug is successfully used in contaminated surgery."Tsindol" produced in the form of suspensions for extern
al application.

How to use "Tsindol»

before using the funds recommended to ensure that no hypersensitivity to its components.To do this, apply a small outdoor section of healthy skin a little "Tsindola" and wait 15 minutes.Unless there was a burning sensation, redness or itching, you can use the drug.

Apply "Tsindol" to the affected skin with a thin layer with a cotton swab or cotton swab.Thereafter, the treated surface must be dry.Carry out the procedure 2-3 times a day.The course of treatment is individual, its duration will depend on the severity of the disease, the extent of the process.Already this week, "Tsindol" gives a pronounced therapeutic effect.

If necessary, the drug combined with antibiotics.Permission is granted to use "Tsindol" during pregnancy and lactation in young children.If diaper dermatitis in children 3 times a day or every time you change a diaper treat diaper rash, redness or minor irritation of the skin.

Adverse action "Tsindola" include allergic reactions (burning, itching, redness), skin dryness.They go after drug withdrawal."Tsindol" contraindicated only in detecting hypersensitivity to its components.When using "Tsindola" do not let it get in eyes or mouth.The tool is not intended for the treatment of pustular eruptions, so it should only be applied to non-infected areas of the skin.