herbal medicines "biloba" developed by pharmaceutical company KRKA.Designed to tissue saturation and oxygen to the brain, the drug is easy to cope with anxiety and restores sleep disorders."Biloba" has a cumulative effect, its effect begins to manifest itself in about a month.

Recommendations for use

Gelatin capsules of the drug available without a prescription, but the reception will require prior consultation with a specialist.The spectrum of its influence is quite broad - improves the elasticity of vessel walls, improves concentration, prevents blood clots and stabilizes blood circulation.Against the background of improving circulation disappears tinnitus, less swollen feet, and the memory is getting better.

Apply "biloba" should be not less than three months, three times a day wit
h each capsule with sufficient water.Not to show side effects, it is desirable to do it after eating.When pronounced symptoms of cerebral circulation, doctors usually advise to increase the recommended dose twice.

Contraindications and side effects

Despite its vegetable origin, "biloba" has a number of contraindications.First, active drug is completely incompatible with drugs which reduce blood clotting.Failure to follow this rule, even taking it can cause bleeding, because "biloba" and he aimed at thinning the blood.The drug is also contraindicated in women during pregnancy and subsequent lactation.Doctors do not recommend taking it to 18 years.

side effects in a bit, but you need to carefully monitor the reaction of the organism.Most often it can manifest insomnia or headaches, sometimes exude redness or rash on the skin.This means that the rules are violated or the drug, or the body is sensitive to its components.

herbal remedies "biloba" is still a certain kind of drug, so it is necessary before taking consult with your doctor.The accompanying instructions to the drug is only a study, and only health worker is able to determine the duration of the course and the individual dose.