Pharmacological term "sublingual" formed from two Latin words «sub» and «lingua», literally means "under" and "language", respectively.In other words, sublingual medications carried by placing them under the tongue.For this tablet to be placed in the sublingual region, and to dissolve until it is dissolved.
when administered sublingually its action begins pretty quickly, as the oral mucosa abundantly supplied with blood and the substances are absorbed more quickly than normal swallowing tablets, for 3-5 minutes.This allows you to use a similar route of administration of medicines in case of emergency.
for taking the drug sublingually patient must be in an upright sitting position.It is forbidden to give medicine when the person is lying down or unconscious.Th
is can lead to accidental ingress of medicaments to the respiratory tract, thereby blocking the tracheal lumen and terminating air flow to the lungs.
For a more complete absorption of sublingual formulation try not to smoke at least an hour before the reception, as the smoke tends to constrict the blood vessels, including those in the oral cavity.
Before taking the drug should rinse your mouth with water.To get the maximum effect from the medication and to prevent accidental ingestion of the tablets, while taking medications the patient should not talk, and to take food and water.
does not matter in what area you place under the tongue tablet, as long as it is completely melted and sucked in the oral mucosa.
Sometimes in the process of sucking the tablet in the mouth can be felt warm and tingling.In this case, the drug should be moved to another place under the tongue, but not to swallow or spit out the medicine to dissolve completely.
When you make sure that the drug is completely dissolved, take the time to drink water or rinse your mouth.Wait 10 minutes until the sublingual formulation is completely absorbed by the oral mucosa.