That treats burnet

It is used when you want to immediately stop the bleeding: stomach, intestine, liver, lung, uterine, hemorrhoids or bloody diarrhea, coughing up blood.

burnet root system is extremely rich in tannins, the content comes to 23%.They have the digestive system of a triple action - antibacterial, astringent, anti-inflammatory - and thus significantly improve its condition.

With easy and anesthetic properties, burnet effectively treat gastritis, enterocolitis, cholecystitis.It is especially handy when found in patients intolerant of antibiotics, sulfonamides.A decoction of the roots soothes the intestinal motility and quickly helps stop diarrhea.

Rinse decoctions and infusions plants treat bacterial inflammation of the mouth, throat, vagina.Burnet is effective for stomati
tis, periodontal disease, angina, cervical erosion, obesity.Sit-bath with the infusion of the leaves is practiced with hemorrhoids.

Autumn roots of the plant have a very strong bactericidal effect, comparable to the effect of pharmaceutical drugs - antibiotics.A decoction of the roots of killing pathogens typhoid and paratyphoid in fifteen minutes, and dysentery, salmonellosis literally five minutes.

External infusion of the leaves treat inflammation of veins with thrombophlebitis, suppurating wounds, boils, acne, sores, bruises, burns, eczema, ulcers.If formed hardhealed shin ulcers, for greater therapeutic effect should be made poultices and also drink the broth.With red eyes, conjunctivitis well help lotions.


from the dried leaves and roots of burnet prepare decoctions, infusions.Pharmacies are liquid and dry plant extracts raw materials from which it is easy to prepare drugs themselves.

Pharmacy liquid extract burnet metered dropwise and drinking, diluting with water.Outwardly they lubricate skin lesions.


Burnet may cause individual intolerance.Do not treat it with the cerebral vasospasm, hypertension.Chronic constipation is also among the contraindications.Do not use drugs burnet during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Do not take them for a long time, can increase blood clotting, so you need to be very careful in the treatment of this plant thrombophlebitis.Sometimes it causes allergic reactions.