Drops "Oftalmoferon" indicated for the treatment of adenovirus, herpes and enterovirus (hemorrhagic) conjunctivitis, as well as adenovirus and herpes keratitis, namely vesicular, kartopodobnogo, a point and a tree-like keratitis.The drug is prescribed for herpetic stromal keratitis with ulcerative lesions, and without them, inflammation of the choroid (uevitah), dry eye syndrome.In addition, "Oftalmoferon" is used in the postoperative therapy - to prevent complications after surgery and prevention of rejection after keratoplasty.

Instructions for use

unit dosage "Oftalmoferona" in all cases of 1-2 drops in each eye.In diseases in acute form for adults and children must be instilled in the conjunctival sac drug.U
se the tools 6-8 times a day.As the frequency of use for decreasing inflammation droplets can be reduced to 2-3 times per day.In the treatment of chronic drug use as 2-3 times per day.Therapy should continue until the complete disappearance of symptoms.

For treatment of dry eye syndrome "Oftalmoferon" is used 2 times per day.The course of therapy in this case lasts 25-30 days.After surgery on the cornea for the treatment of complications and to prevent the eye drops used in this dose 2 times a day for 10 days.After keratoplasty for preventing rejection - 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks.


«Oftalmoferon" is not prescribed for his intolerance of ingredients.Pregnant and lactating drops can be used only if prescribed by a doctor, who will assess the risks and determine the potential benefit of this therapy.

Generally, treatment is "Oftalmoferonom" going well.In some cases, there may be discomfort in the form of a small burning sensation and redness of the conjunctiva.About these side effects should be reported to the doctor.Within a few minutes after using the drops may experience blurred vision, it is necessary to consider drivers and persons working with machinery.

drug is well combined with other drugs, but, if possible, avoid the use of several tools.In simultaneous treatment "Oftalmoferonom" and other eye drugs, the interval between their application should be at least half an hour.Persons using contact lenses before making the drug should remove them.Wear lenses can be 20 minutes later.