How does the vaccine

inactivated virus vaccine causes the body from the active production of antibodies of different types, it allows you to create a strong system of protection from flu and acute respiratory diseases. science has proven the efficacy and safety of a complete modern influenza vaccination is especially important for children who are at risk (with a weakened immune system).

Two weeks after the vaccination, the body's accumulation of influenza antibodies, and it becomes resistant to the disease.The resulting protective proteins carry out detection of the virus and destroy it, preventing its reproduction.

thus acquired immunity lasts from six months to one year.After vaccination the risk of disease is still present, but the easier form of the disease and complica
tions minimized.

Where can I get vaccinated against influenza

vaccinated against the flu in any medical institution that holds a license: at the polyclinic, immunological or commercial center of the clinic.Vaccination is carried out by medical staff who have the appropriate certificates.The procedure itself can be made as to the vaccine's office, and at home if the child's parents made an agreement on the monitoring of them with a private medical service. about the necessity and feasibility of vaccination of the child, you can consult a pediatrician in order to prevent negative effects from the procedure.

After vaccination procedures issued by the appropriate certificate, which records the name vaccinated, its series and number.Also be sure to put the date of the procedure, the name of the medical institution and the existence of possible adverse effects.

Restrictions on procedures

contraindications to influenza vaccine is intolerance of components: special preservatives, egg protein contained in some preparations.

the presence of acute diseases, as well as exacerbation of chronic ailments.Vaccination can in such cases produce only after three to four weeks after full recovery or remission occurrence of chronic diseases.

If previously entered vaccines body to respond to any complications, then it is not recommended as they re holding.