Directions "Lizobakta»

drug "Lizobakt" exhibits antiseptic effect in the treatment of dental diseases.It is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of infections of the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat and gums that are accompanied by inflammatory processes.Such diseases include stomatitis, gingivitis, oral mucosa erosion of various origins, mucosal lesions of herpes virus, inflammatory processes occurring in the upper respiratory tract, which have arisen by the action of influenza virus.

Lysozyme, part of the drug, is a natural enzyme.It contributes to the destruction of the cell membranes of fungi and bacteria that cause disease.Pyridoxine prevents the formation of ulcers and provides regenerative processes in the mucosa. «Lizobakt" must be stored for five years at 10-30oS.The drug can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription.

Adults and children over twelve years' Lizobakt "recommended two tablets three or four times a day for children aged three to seven years - one tablet three times a day for children aged seven to twelve years- one tablet four times a day.The tablets should be slowly dissolve as long as possible by delaying the mass dissolved in the mouth.Duration of treatment - not less than 8 days, the decision of the physician receiving the course can be extended.

contraindications, side effects "Lizobakta»

«Lizobakt" is contraindicated in identifying components sensitivity to the drug.The tool can enhance the action of antibiotics, diuretics and nitrofurans (including chloramphenicol, nitrofurantoin, penicillin), while admission to levodopa reduces its activity.Simultaneous reception "Lizobakta" with "isoniazid" or "Penicillamine" may require supplementation of pyridoxine.In the opinion of "Lizobakt" can sometimes cause allergic reactions.In this case, the drug must be canceled. women during pregnancy and breast-feeding means can be assigned by the attending physician indicated.

Overdose is unlikely, her symptoms after applying "Lizobakta" in an amount much greater than the therapeutic dose.In this case, there is a feeling of numbness, tingling, numbness in the lower and upper limbs.The cure is to drink plenty of liquids.