Licenses and certificates

State Drug Control Service of the strongly cautioned consumers from buying cheap medicines to illegal pharmacies.Indeed, in such places there is no guarantee the quality of medicines, and hence there is a risk to buy counterfeit, the drug in the wrong dosage, or simply do not receive your order.The use of questionable drugs can lead to poisoning and other serious health effects.Besides, unverified pharmacies may use your personal information provided during registration. Always read the terms of delivery of drugs.

To make sure you have selected the normal online pharmacy, you first need to check out her site for the presence of various licenses and certificates of quality medical products.The site should indicate the location of the organization.Profess
ional pharmacy, officially running on the pharmaceutical market, will not hide from their customers information on the company.The most common site of good online pharmacy you can find information about the team of medical staff, the history of the organization, and more.The site must necessarily be the maximum number of ways to communicate with experts - Skype, telephone numbers, e-mail.If all this is not online, it is better to find another pharmacy.

What to look

Online pharmacy good to each drug must be accompanied by the most detailed description, including methods of use, interactions with other medications, side effects, composition and so on. suspiciously low price of medicines most frequently testifies against online pharmacies.

Do not use the services of pharmacies that recommend products based solely on their questionnaire.Such surveys can not provide a complete picture of the state of health and, therefore, any automatic use of the drug can be dangerous, cause a disproportionate reaction and did not contribute to the recovery.So do not use such services, if you do not want to risk the health.

If you do not have a doctor's recommendation and survey data in your body, it's a reason to go to the hospital to correctly assess the state of your health and get the prescription of medicines.In an extreme case, you can call the online pharmacy to consult an expert pharmacologist, perhaps it has something to tell you.By the way, communication with such a specialist may affect your decision to use the services of the pharmacy.Polite detailed consultation certainly speaks in favor of a particular company.If you are unable to answer even the simplest questions, look for another pharmacy.