«metipred" prescribed for autoimmune, rheumatic diseases, allergic reactions (including anaphylactic shock), asthma and other respiratory diseases, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis instates, accompanied by increased intracranial pressure.Also, it is used for cerebral edema caused by tumors.Pills "metipred" take 1 per day (in the morning).The rate for adults - 8-96 mg, for achieving the desired effect dose gradually.As maintenance therapy drug taking in the daily number of 4-12 mg.
dose for a child is chosen by the doctor individually.Note that prolonged the drug can cause growth retardation.When adrenal insufficiency appoint a day 0,18 mg per 1 kg of body weight (3 hours), and other indications - at 0,42-1,67 mg per 1 kg of body weight (3 hours).With prolonged use "metipred" daily rate
should be reduced gradually.Do not abruptly stop taking the drug.
«metipred" is also used intravenously and intramuscularly.The solution for injection is prepared immediately before use.In life-threatening conditions, as additional drug "metipred" administered intravenously in an amount of 30 mg per 1 kg of body weight for an hour.Permissible number of repeated administration for 2 days every 4-6 hours. For the treatment of rheumatic diseases intravenously administered at 1 g per day for 1-4 days.or 1 g per month.within six months.
in systemic lupus erythematosus drug is used intravenously for 3 days.1 g per day.For the purpose of therapy of multiple sclerosis is administered intravenously over 3-5 days.1 g per day.In edematous states (glomerulonephritis, lupus nephritis), makes intravenous infusion at a dose of 30 mg per 1 kg of weight after 1 day for 4 days.or 1 g per day for 3, 5 or 7 days.The drug is administered within an hour.Children prescribed lower doses (but not less than 0.5 mg per 1 kg of body weight).
«metipred" may cause nausea, pancreatitis, heart failure, high blood pressure, leukocytosis, candidiasis of the esophagus, the perforation of the gallbladder, glaucoma, cataracts, osteoporosis, fluid retention, decreased potassium levels, menstrual disorders,weight gain, growth retardation.The drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components of chronic viral, bacterial infections, active and latent TB.With care, he was appointed at an elevated pressure, heart failure, diabetes, pancreatitis, elderly patients.In pregnancy, the drug is used only on strict conditions.