«ì" is used in the treatment of neurotic and neurosis-like disorders, for the relief of agitation associated with the manifestation of anxiety, with convulsive states and seizures, states, accompanied by increased muscle tone, including tetanusand acute circulatory disorders of the brain, as well as for the relief of delirium, withdrawal syndrome in alcoholism.The drug is also used as part of an integrated treatment of vasospasm, hypertension, hypertensive crisis, menopausal and menstrual disorders.
To treat agitation caused by anxiety "ì" administered intravenously (slowly) of 5-10 mg.Sometimes you need to re-introduction of the drug in 3-4 hours at the same dose.When the drug is administered tetanus 1 ampoule deep intramuscular injection or intravenously slowly, then intravenously, enter "Diazepam" w
ith a glucose solution or sodium chloride.In epilepsy "ì" administered intravenously or intramuscularly for 1-2 ampoules.If necessary, the injection was repeated after 3-4 hours at the same dose.
in obstetrics "ì" administered intramuscularly 1-2 ampules when opening the cervix.Infants 30 days of the drug is used intravenously at a dose of 100-300 mg per 1 kg of body weight.The maximum number is 5 mg.Depending on the clinical manifestations of drug use again after 2-4 hours. For children from 5 years of the drug is administered intravenously slowly - once every 2-5 1 mg.The maximum amount is 10 mg.
«ì" is contraindicated in the following cases: myasthenia gravis severe shock, angle-closure glaucoma, acute intoxication with hypnotics, psychotropic and narcotic drugs, acute respiratory failure, state of intoxication of varying severity, coma, dependencefrom drugs and alcohol, sleep apnea, during pregnancy, lactation.
Adverse action "Relaniuma" include: dizziness, headache, drowsiness, anterograde amnesia, disorientation, impaired concentration, blunting of emotions, fatigue, catalepsy, depression, dystonic extrapyramidal reactions, euphoria, muscle weakness, confusion, fatigue, dysarthria, hyporeflexia.Sometimes there may be sleep disturbance, muscle cramps, outbreaks of aggression, agitation, anxiety, confusion fear, suicidal tendencies.