Indications for "Echinacea" efficacy

Echinacea contains active substances which are capable of stimulating cell-mediated immunity.They improve the processes of chemotaxis (redirection of leukocytes into damaged tissue) and cytokine production (peptide molecules with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties).

means increases the number of leukocytes (T cells, granulocytes), enhances the activity of phagocytes, prevents the penetration of pathogens and contributes to their destruction.Echinacea enhances immunity, improves the body's resistance to bacterial, viral and fungal infections.Use of the drug can prolong the intervals between colds during the cold season, reducing their duration and alleviates symptoms.

tablets and tincture 'Echinacea' is prescribed for acute and chronic respiratory diseases, flu, infections of the oral cavity, ulcerati
ve lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic urinary tract infections.The infusion of the drug is also used topically for the treatment of venous skin ulcers, non-healing wounds.

How to apply the extract of Echinacea

Echinacea extract pills prescribed for adults and children of 12 years at a daily dose 3-4 tab.(1 pc. per reception).The drug should be used when the first signs of the flu, the common cold, with recurrent infections of the urinary and respiratory tract, to prevent SARS, ARI.Continuous use of at least a week.

infusion of "Echinacea" is prescribed for respiratory diseases.Adults need to take 5-15 drops 2-3 times a day.To achieve a rapid therapeutic effect is possible in the first three days of treatment drink 5-15 drops, but about 5-6 times per day.In order to treat diseases of the urinary tract, the digestive system, taking 40 drops once and after 2 hours another 20 drops.In the second and following days of treatment drink 60 drops per day, but in 3 divided doses.

tincture of Echinacea can be given to children 7-12 years old, 10-30 drops in 2-3 hours.Drink it, preferably before a meal, mixed with a small amount of liquid.Tablets and tincture of echinacea is not recommended to take more than two months.For external use the tincture should be diluted with sodium chloride solution and used in the form of compresses, lotions, mouthwashes.Adults and children from 7 years old for the treatment of wounds, trophic ulcers recommended for 20-60 drops of the drug diluted in 100 ml of sodium chloride (0.9%).