Instructions for Use "Meridia»

«Meridia" is prescribed for people with excess weight in the alimentary obesity, as well as in cases of existing risk factors that can lead to excess weight: insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, disturbance of lipid metabolism.Effect of the drug is similar to the tricyclic antidepressants, but medical studies have confirmed that "Meridia" does not have antidepressant effects and may be used as a tool that helps to reduce body weight. Analogs "Meridia" - "fluoxetine", "dexfenfluramine", "Denfluramin" or any other drugs - selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which are assigned as antidepressants.

Tablets "Meridia" have on the body effect is somewhat similar to the influence of amphetamines, as the active ingredient of the drug has a similar structure.However, their biological properties are different, sibutram
ine is not a narcotic substance, so that "Meridia" is not addictive.

Slimming need to take 10 mg of the drug once a day in the first half of the day.If the recommended dose is insufficient after a few days it can be increased to 15 mg.The amount of drug in excess of 15 mg may cause side effects and complications.The medicine should be taken during the year.To obtain the necessary result of receiving "Meridia" must be combined with regular exercise and a low calorie diet.

Side effects, contra-indications "Meridia»

Feedback from patients receiving "Meridia" can cause unwanted side effects to the cardiovascular system, which manifest the development of tachycardia, increased blood pressure.It is also possible nausea, dry mouth, irregular bowel movements, breach of taste perception, anxiety, restlessness, sleep disorder, painful menstruation, muscle aches and joint pain, blurred vision, difficulty urinating.After the cessation of treatment medication adverse side effects disappear completely. Assignment "Meridia" at a young age in the absence of violations of the cardiovascular system does not cause side effects.

drug "Meridia" is contraindicated in drug addiction, in the presence of mental disorders, heart diseases, diseases of the arteries, glaucoma, high blood pressure during pregnancy and breastfeeding, hypersensitive to any ingredient in the formulation.It is strictly forbidden to take along with "Meridia" drugs-antidepressants.

price of the drug is dependent on the dosage and number of tablets in the package.For information about how much will cost the drug in a particular city, you should specify in pharmacies.