drug substances in the "Holagol" for the most part are of vegetable origin and possess anti-inflammatory, choleretic, disinfectant and laxative effect.

Peppermint and eucalyptus, which are part of "Holagol" provides choleretic effect, while improving the flow of bile from the liver and providing anti-inflammatory effect.Laxative effect "Holagol" due to the presence in the composition of the drug frangulaemodina.


Ā«Holagol" is indicated for patients with cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, and also the plant drops may be useful in chronic liver diseases and post-operative period, when operations were exposed to the biliary tract.

Admission Rules

Consume "Holagol" drip it on a piece of sugar, as a rule, no more than five to ten drops, but exacerbations dose may be increased to twenty drops.Take "Hola
gol" three times a day for half an hour before meals.

Children over twelve years of age, may apply "Holagol" as adults, but the daily dose should not exceed thirty drops.The course of treatment "Holagol" lasts from one to six weeks, but the drug can also be used periodically, for example, only with pain and colic attacks.

contraindications and side effects

Herbal drops "Holagol" shows not all, there are contraindications.The drug should not be taken for children under twelve years of age, pregnant and nursing women, people with severe kidney disease and disorders of the hepatobiliary system.Also, "Holagol" should not be taken, and those who are allergic to the components of the drug.

Side Effects "Holagol" small, only minor cases, such effects are fixed dose, such as nausea, heartburn and vomiting.Exceptions are cases where "Holagol" was used by children under twelve years of age - in this case, the drug can cause fatty degeneration of the liver and encephalopathy.

Note that in the "Holagol" more than eleven percent alcohol, and its use is not advisable for people with liver disease, epilepsy, chronic alcoholism, diseases of the brain.

large overdose "Holagol" can cause fever, nausea, respiratory failure.If symptoms of overdose, induce vomiting, gastric lavage and make charcoal.

In the absence of contraindications "Holagol" does not have a negative on the human action and well tolerated.It does not cause drowsiness or affect the performance of the performance of work requiring a high level of concentration, such as driving a car.Keep "Holagol" should be at room temperature shelf life - three years.