«Azitroks" prescribed for the purpose of treatment of respiratory tract infections (bronchitis and acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia), upper respiratory tract (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, sinusitis), diseasessexually transmitted, skin infections and soft tissue infections (impetigo, secondary piodermalnyh dermatoses, chronic erythema migrans), diseases caused by Helicobacter pylori.
«Azitroks" is produced in the form of capsules.The drug drink once a day for an hour before eating or 2 hours after a meal.If the patient has forgotten to take a capsule, it should be drunk as soon as possible, and the next dose should be taken no earlier than 24 hours.Adults with a view to treatment of respiratory tract infections within 3 days should tak
e 500 mg per day.To treat infections of the soft tissues and skin drug administered in an amount of 1 g per day 1, followed by drinking 500 mg per day from the 2nd to 5th day.
When Gmina Cewice, uncomplicated urethritis means used once (1 g).With long flowing complicated urethritis / cervicitis caused by chlamydia, take 3 times 1 g every 7 days (taking the drug 1, 7 and 14 days of therapy).For the treatment of Lyme disease (borreliosis) in the first stage in one day should be taken at 1 g, and from the 2nd to 5th day - 500 mg.Ulcers in the digestive tract caused by Helicobacter pylori, take 1 g per day for three days (in the combined treatment).
children with body weight more than 45 kg, with the purpose of treatment of respiratory tract infections, soft tissue, skin, scarlet fever on the day gives 500 mg for 3 days.Children between 12 years drug given for three days once a day at the rate of 10 mg per 1 kg.Either first day give 10 mg of 1 kg, and thereafter for 3 days - 5-10 mg per 1 kg.
By the side effects of the drug include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence, dizziness, headache, neutropenia, arthralgia, eosinophilia, vaginitis, engioedema, nervousness, agitation, paresthesia, painbreast, insomnia, hypotension, palpitations, lesions of the mucous membranes and skin erythema.
«Azitroks" is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity, children under 3 years of age or weighing less than 25 kg.The drug is prescribed with caution with ergotamine derivatives.Groups of macrolide antibiotics can interact with the "triazolam", "Cyclosporins", "Digoxin" "alfentanil", "midazolam" "Astemizole".Analogues "Azitroks" are: "Sumamed", "azivok", "Azithromycin", "Hemomitsin", "Zitrolid."