to biologically active additives include all substances of vegetable origin, or contain components that are identical to natural.The basis for their production is a plant, animal, and even minerals.They are produced in the form of tablets, capsules, syrups, teas, and powders.
In total there are 3 types of dietary supplements: nutraceuticals, parapharmaceuticals, eubiotics, they are used under certain conditions.Doctors say that with the help of biological additives can not be cured, but prescribe them as a supplement to the basic treatment, as well as to compensate for the lack of certain substances in the body.
Nutraceuticals are vitamins, sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and trace elements.They are encouraged to take in addi
tion to the main power supply, as an additional source of much-needed substance to humans.Since many urban residents are fed uniformly, in their diet there is not enough fruits, vegetables and dairy products they develop conditions associated with a lack of certain vitamins or minerals.Here in this situation, dietary supplements and greatly help to prevent various diseases.
Parapharmaceuticals contain in their composition caffeine, organic acids, polysaccharides, oligopeptides, and other substances, so they are often used as an additional supportive therapy.These dietary supplements contribute to the normal regulation of the human nervous system, increases the functional activity of some organs and systems.
eubiotics contain living organisms which are able to normalize the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.For their production used bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which are used for the prevention of dysbiosis and its complex treatment.
Thus, when properly administered, and the use of dietary supplements can be quite a beneficial effect on the human body.Only should understand that abuse them still not worth it, and take them without a doctor's prescription is undesirable.Since under the guise of dietary supplements, some manufacturers are trying to push through a fairly low quality and totally useless product that can cause irreparable harm to the human body.So do not believe the advertising and pharmacists, who are actively pushing this or that drug.Only a doctor's appointment can guarantee efficiency and safety.