Ā«Aktovegin" - biogenic stimulant that affects the process of tissue metabolism.It activates cell metabolism and leads to faster metabolism of adenosine triphosphate.Thus, the drug increases energy resources cells and increases blood flow in the body."Aktovegin" is obtained from the blood of calves.It increases the resistance of tissues to oxygen deficiency, normalizes energy metabolism and stimulates glucose uptake.
The drug significantly improves the venous and arterial blood supply system "mother - placenta - fetus."This avoids the unpleasant outcomes of pregnancy and to remove the risk of premature delivery in placental insufficiency.The effect of "Actovegin" appears within 30 minutes after intramuscular or intravenous administration and reaches a maximum in the body after 3 hours.
drug during pregnancy is indicated for severe swelling of varicose veins and legs, difficulty in bowel movements, fatigue, heavy legs and insufficient flow of oxygen to the fetus.Also, the doctor recommends acceptance "Actovegin" if the patient has a predisposition to hemorrhoids, disorders of peripheral blood circulation and a tendency to varicose pathologies.The drug is contraindicated in pulmonary edema, severe heart failure and hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.During the period of administration may be side effects such as sweating, a rush of heat, light fever and allergic reactions such as swelling and hives.
recommended regimen of medication use in therapy involves the beginning of its use with intravenous drip in a day.5 drippers necessary dosage of 5 ml "Actovegin" in 250 ml of saline or glucose.Next, the drug continues tablets three times a day with a duration of 3-4 weeks.Also, your doctor may prescribe medication as a preventive measure.In this case, "Aktovegin" is used for one tablet three times a day.The course is prevention - 2 weeks.
drug commonly prescribed in treatment.It goes well with vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, "Curantylum" and "instenon.""Aktovegin" is one of the most promising medicines, its use allows to achieve positive results in the treatment and prevention of placental insufficiency.