Feature herbal preparation

Means antiseptic effect against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus, hemolytic streptococcus."Plantaglyutsid" has yazvo- and wound-healing, anti-inflammatory action.Included in the form of the drug interferon polysaccharides and normalize phagocytosis.Also herbal remedy accelerates the regeneration of tissues, activates gastric secretion, has a hemostatic effect.Psyllium helps to increase appetite, regulate digestion, lowers the tone of the intestines and stomach.Because of mucus and enzymes, which is part of the plantain, the drug has expectorant effect and restores broken airway epithelium.

doctor prescribes "plantaglyutsid" for chronic and acute gastritis, duodenal ulcer and gastric secretion decreased and saved, fermentopathy, enterocolitis and dysbiosis.Also, the drug used i
n the treatment of whooping cough, pneumonia, tonsillopharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, etc.The product is suitable for outdoor use during the treatment of an abscess, burns, sores, bruises and cuts.The drug is contraindicated in acute ulcer, etc. high secretion of digestive glands and hypersensitivity to plantain.


From the pellets need to prepare a suspension.For the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases "plantaglyutsid" is used for 15 - 50 ml of the product half an hour before a meal.The course of treatment is 1 - 8 weeks.During the treatment of respiratory diseases slurry used in the same doses, only 30 minutes after ingestion.For the treatment of dermatological illnesses using a preparation in the form of lotions, dressings and washing three - four times per day.

«plantaglyutsid" ingestion can cause side effects: allergic reactions, heartburn.There is also no information on the use of the plant for the treatment during pregnancy, lactation and in children under 6 years.In addition, patients with diabetes should be noted that the drug is present in the composition of the sugar.Drug interactions with other drugs have been identified.

before use and acquisition "plantaglyutsid" you should consult with your doctor and read the instructions.Herbal remedies dispensed from the pharmacy, usually without a prescription.