Action «slept»

ivy leaf extract, which is part of "slept" has secretolytic, mucolytic, mukokineticheskoe and antitussive effect.The drug is an antispasmodic, relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi and liquefies viscous secret, which is in them, facilitating its expectoration during coughing.Among its other advantages include the fact that "Prospan" has no effect on central respiratory regulation functions, and its dosage form in the form of syrup contains alcohol, sugar or dyes.

When manufacturing a dry ivy leaf extract its raw material treated with 30% ethanol however after factory drying it completely disappears from the finished product.

Indications for use "slept" are such common diseases as acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchia
l asthma, bronchial obstruction syndrome and inflammation in the respiratory system, accompanied by a cough with thick sputum and trudnootdelyaemoy.Because of side effects, "slept" (syrup) may be a slight laxative effect.Contraindications include allergic reactions to components of the drug, and fructose intolerance.Pregnant women can use the "Prospan", but only after consulting with your doctor.

Dosing «slept»

The duration of the reception "slept" determined by the physician, taking into account the severity of symptoms and course of pathological processes in the bronchi.The minimum term use of the drug is one week - to get proof pronounced effect, "Prospan" continue to be used for a few days after the disappearance of the symptoms of inflammation.

«Prospan" can be purchased without a prescription, stored at room temperature and do not use after the expiration date.

effervescent tablets "Prospan" should be dissolved in a glass of cool or warm water and drink after the complete dissolution of the tablet.Hot drink strengthen antispasmodic effect of the drug and facilitate expectoration.To children of 4 to 12 years may be given by half of effervescent tablets three times a day.After 12 years of "Prospan" can drink one tablet twice a day.The drug is in the form of syrup should be shaken before use and drink three times a day for 5-7.5 ml per day - adults, three times daily 5 ml - Children from 6 to 14 years and three times a day for 2.5 ml - Childrenup to 6 years.