Description "Ferrum Lek»

The medicament has the form of iron complex compounds with ferric hydroxide poliizomaltozatom.This macromolecular complex does not release free iron ions, and is a stable compound.Also, the active element does not have pro-oxidant that is inherent with metal salts.

drug is quickly and effectively compensates for the deficiency of iron in the body and restores the level of hemoglobin.When using the drug occurs gradually regress laboratory and clinical signs of iron deficiency.

«Ferrum Lek" is assigned when severe iron deficiency in the body due to severe blood loss, the pathology of iron absorption in the intestine, therapy and prevention of iron deficiency anemia iron deficiency during pregnancy.The solution for injection is used when it is impossible and inefficient use of oral iron preparations."Ferrum Lek" is c
ontraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the drug, gemosideroze, hemochromatosis and anemia not caused by iron deficiency and violation of the inclusion of iron in hemoglobin.

Instructions for use

duration and dosage of the drug depends on the degree of iron deficiency.In marked illness therapy lasts for 3 - 5 months until the hemoglobin level is normalized.Thereafter, the drug used for several weeks to replenish the body's iron stores.

young patients up to 1 year appointed "Ferrum Lek" in the form of a syrup with a dose of 2.5 ml per day.Children from 1 year to 12 years is recommended 5 - 10 ml of the drug a day.Patients older than 12 years and adults apply 10 - 30 ml of the syrup or 1 - 3 tablets.When prevention of iron deficiency using 1 tablet or 5 - 10 ml syrup per day.

Tablets "Ferrum Lek" should be taken during or immediately after eating, chewing or swallowing them whole.Syrup can be mixed with vegetable or fruit juices and nutritious blends.The daily dose can be divided into several stages.

preparation is going and mild side effects.There may be gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea, nausea, bloating, a feeling of heaviness.Do not be afraid of the dark color of feces, it is caused by glandular reception facilities and has no clinical significance.Patients with diabetes should regularly check the performance of sugar as "Ferrum Lek" contains glucose.