mushrooms, of which creates a "Cordyceps" - parasites.As the medium for its propagation, they use some insects that are found in Tibet, which explains the widespread use of Cordyceps in Chinese traditional medicine, where it has been used for over a thousand years.

In China it is considered that Cordyceps not only has a beneficial effect on the physical body, having a rejuvenating effect and slowing the aging process, but also improves energy.


«Cordyceps" contains vitamins B1, B2, B12, E, K, and various amino acids and a host of useful minerals, trace elements such as sodium, zinc, potassium, iron, copper, manganese and others.Also in the "Cordyceps" is cordycepin, which possesses antibacterial activity.


«Cordyceps" take not only for
the treatment of various diseases, but also for prevention, as well as to strengthen the immune system and enhance tissue regeneration under various external injuries.

«Cordyceps" helps with diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver and blood diseases.He applied and viral infections, autoimmune diseases, respiratory problems.Recommend "Cordyceps" and those who have recently had surgery to organ transplants - the effect of this dietary supplement to minimize the risk of rejection.

Reception "Cordyceps" and recommend those who have decided to quit smoking and drinking alcohol."Cordyceps" restores the liver and eventually gets rid of nicotine addiction.It is believed that this tool helps with cancer by inhibiting cancer cell division.

Side effects and contraindications

possible side effects of the "Cordyceps" a bit, mostly individual drug intolerance and allergic reactions.There are contraindications - "Cordyceps" should not be used in patients with epilepsy and pregnant and nursing women, children under five years.It should be understood that "Cordyceps" is not a drug, benefit and harm when used individually, so its use should be coordinated with the attending physician.

Admission Rules

take "Cordyceps" two capsules twice daily with water.This should be done for one hour before meals or on an empty stomach in the morning, this provides the best effect.The first results can be seen within a few weeks, and take "Cordyceps" should be for three to five months.