Ritalin is usually attributed to the strong psychotropic drug action.Interestingly, to drugs, he was assigned recently.Investigators have found that a drug similar to cocaine, causes a change in the structure of brain cells and is a powerful stimulator of the human nervous system, despite the fact that many psychiatrists assure that the drug is used quite successfully in the practice of the treatment of hyperactivity and helps concentration child.

Applications and side effects

Until now Ritalin issued in the form of small tabletochek 5, 10 and 20 milligrams.Poorly understood properties of the drug were often completely unpredictable consequences, causing the psychoses, liver disease, kidney disease, cardiovascular system, excessive irritability, loss of appetite and even euphoria and hallucinations.

disappointing According to statisti
cs, people who used Ritalin, often fall into other closed institutions such as prisons and clinics for the treatment of the mentally ill.Ritalin is a highly addictive and many countries put in line with such narcotic drugs such as amphetamines and morphine.


Thus Ritalin cheap and until recently was readily available, which is why he was particularly prevalent among school children, students and people from the lower strata of society who use the tablets whole or inhaled as a fine powder.

Ritalin, or methylphenidate, is addictive and usually leads to the further use of other narcotic drugs.Overdose Ritalin is able to induce paranoia, obsessions, involuntary muscle contractions, and even lead to heart failure.

small amount of the drug has a stimulating effect, along with the increasing dosages activity decreases and eventually leads to death.

alternative drug

Ritalin is a drug of instant action, any parent, which "lucky" to purchase a prescription to buy Ritalin for a child must make a conscious choice: whether to get a short-term effect associated with improved behavior and academic performance of the child, not a guaranteelong-term outcome, and having a health risk at the slightest violation of the dosage and how to use the drug, or continue examination of the child.After hyperactivity disorder requires careful anamnesis, assessment of physical and mental condition of the child, it is important to consider the appointment of such a serious drug aimed at controlling behavior.Moreover, today there are techniques bezfarmatsevticheskogo treat the syndrome.