For the treatment of osteoarthritis used complex treatment, one of its components - receiving muscle relaxants.These drugs reduce muscle tone, impairs mobility and limiting motor activity.Acceptance of medical devices reduces muscle spasms in osteochondrosis.

As muscle relaxants affect the human body?

Muscle relaxants - no medicinal preparations.They help only temporarily reduce pain and improve muscle performance.If low back pain by surprise and discomfort in the spine can not be tolerated, requires receiving muscle relaxants.

Experts do not always prescribe these medications, they are required only when severe pain and if the limitation of movement hinders the treatment of disease.Assess the patient's condition can only be a doctor, in some cases it is
possible treatment of degenerative disc disease without painkillers.

What relaxants prescribed by the physician to patients with osteochondrosis?

Muscle relaxants to help reduce pain, are of two types: peripheral and central actions.When osteochondrosis assistants administered centrally acting agents "orphenadrine" "baclofen" "tizanidine" "Tolperisone" "methocarbamol" "cyclobenzaprine" "chlorophenazine carbamate", "chlorzoxazone".These medications have a sedative and analgesic effect, reduce spinal reflexes and muscle tension.

Doctors prescribe these medications at different stages of the treatment of degenerative disc disease.Muscle relaxants effectively act on the body with massage, physiotherapy, manual therapy, massage, traction therapy.

first method is best done in a hospital under the supervision of doctors.Experts will constantly monitor the condition of the patient and will be able to provide timely medical assistance to the appearance of side effects.

Muscle relaxants - effective drugs at an osteochondrosis, but their intake should be done only under medical supervision.Possible side effects include: vomiting, bitterness in the mouth, enuresis, convulsions, allergic reactions, irritability, drowsiness, drop in blood pressure.Remember that even if low back pain appeared suddenly and is accompanied by severe pain, in any case, do not self-medicate and do not suffer, immediately contact the experts!