For best effectiveness of the treatment before taking "Odeston" need to carefully read the enclosed instructions to the drug, and to remember the information contained therein.
If the patient has no contraindications to the use of this drug, the method of "Odeston" should be administered orally (by mouth inside) are strictly for half an hour before a meal, usually for three times a day, unless otherwise specifieddoctor.
Adult patients taking 200 to 400 mg at a time, in some cases, the therapist can increase the dosage to 800 mg.If the drug is assigned child and its dosag
e is usually between 200 and 600 mg, which can be taken as a single dose or divided into three portions.About all details should be checked by a physician not to harm the health of the baby.
Throughout the duration of the treatment, which is usually 2 weeks, while taking "Odeston" to look for possible allergic reactions and when they occur tell your doctor.
Since this drug has serious contraindications of growing pains when during the term of the drug should immediately seek medical attention and to correct current treatment.Since "Odeston" and has antispasmodic effects, pain in his right side just needs to drop, and in any case do not increase (the opposite may indicate obstruction of bile flow).
The adverse reactions to the drug indicated diarrhea, headaches, new or worsening bloating and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.Keep in mind that taking "Odeston" simultaneously with morphine is not recommended, as the latter greatly reduces the effectiveness of "Odeston."To reduce the impact of treatment is influenced by other medicines, such as "metoclopramide".But when receiving indirect coagulants "Odeston" able to enhance their action.