In medicine, based on years of licorice plants created an enormous amount of drugs, officially recognized and approved worldwide.This dry extracts, nursing fees, elixirs and syrups.Anti-inflammatory and stimulant medications are based on glycyrrhizic acid, which is contained in licorice root.Drugs based on these promote rapid healing of peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer and various colitis.In Gastroenterology is also used broth of this plant.In complex therapy for the treatment of stomach ulcers.It has a diuretic, lax
ative and anti-bacterial action.
A good fitosbory considered "Elekasop."It is successfully used not only in gastroenterology, but also in the treatment of ENT diseases.And also in a dental practice.Powdered licorice root is used as the basis for a number of drugs.Also, as the component which improves the taste and smell of the drug.Due to the fact that the root of this plant has a pleasant taste, it is added as a sweetener in beverages and food for diabetics.
Licorice is absolutely safe in the treatment of children.In pediatric use it as a syrup.She copes with children's cough, removes phlegm, helps heal delicate mucous.Further, it is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent.Also to cope with gastrointestinal diseases.At licorice virtually no contraindications.But if after the application there rash, itching or swelling, you should stop using it as a medicine to children.
Licorice is widely used in the industry.For the manufacture of sweets: candy and lemonade.To flavor and color of alcoholic beverages.For example, a variety of liqueurs and beers.For the preparation of sauerkraut and pickled apples.
addition of edible products, licorice is used in the manufacture of: ink, ink, watercolor.Even in the tobacco industry it is added to provide a pleasant taste.